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Meet Dr Keith Charlton (Chiropractor)


I am passionate about chiropractic and want to help people in a non-drug, non-surgical way[/caption]

DC, MPhil, MPainMed, PhD, FICC

Chiropractic Is a Family Affair

Dr Keith Charlton (Chiropractor) was inspired to become a chiropractor by his mother. “When I was young, she had such severe neck and arm pain that she was driven to bed for nine months, unable to even sit up properly.”

Desperate, my father took her to a chiropractor, which was very uncommon in those days! The chiropractor was able to help my mother and I was inspired to follow the chiropractic career path.”

My three sons are now all chiropractors, after briefly exploring a few different career paths.

“The joy of helping others is what makes me look forward to coming to work every day, and makes me go home happy each day.Dr Keith Charlton (Chiropractor)

{PJ} Chiropractor

A Chiropractic Education and Beyond

Dr Keith went to the U.S. to attend National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois, graduating in 1975.

He also holds the following:

  • A Master of Philosophy degree from Griffith University in Brisbane, for original research in diagnostic imaging
  • A Master of Pain Medicine degree from the Faculty of Medicine at Newcastle University, first chiropractor in the world to hold this degree
  • A Doctor of Philosophy degree in Medicine at the Mayne Medical School at University of Queensland, for research on spinal bone motion imaging

The Joys of Chiropractic

Dr Keith has practiced all over the world. Early in his chiropractic career, he realised that there was criticism about a lack of evidence surrounding chiropractic care, and wanted to make a contribution to chiropractic research. He began to extensively research chiropractic all around the world over 30 years ago, making several significant contributions.

He has published his findings many times in peer-reviewed journals, a full list of which can be seen here.

Click here to see a full list of Dr Keith’s memberships, associations, and educational activities.

I would love to meet you and discuss the many ways chiropractic can help you. Call or email our office to get started today! (07) 3372 9944 “Dr Keith Charlton (Chiropractor)