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Meet the Chiropractors

{PJ} Chiropractor

Dr Daniel Tilley

My experience with chiropractic began with successful chiropractic care for neck pain as a five year old. My family visited the chiropractor regularly throughout my childhood and I greatly admired the caring, genuine interaction with my chiropractor and the difference that his care made to my well-being, especially during teenage years when I participated heavily in physical and boxing training.

I still marvel at the wonderful outcomes from chiropractic care that changes lives.

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Dr Keith Charlton

Dr Keith Charlton (Chiropractor) was inspired to become a chiropractor by his mother. “When I was young, she had such severe neck and arm pain that she was driven to bed for nine months, unable to even sit up properly.”

Desperate, my father took her to a chiropractor, which was very uncommon in those days! The chiropractor was able to help my mother and I was inspired to follow the chiropractic career path.”

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