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Charity Work

At Forest Lake Chiropractic, one of our greatest passions is serving the underserved.

Dr Daniel Tilley is the founder of Island Spirit Health, a non-profit, in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. In conjunction with passionate local health practitioners, The Santo Healthcare Community Clinic is being established and supported by Island Spirit Health.

Dr Daniel has combined with the local clinic group to canvas the Vanuatu National Government to support charity health care on the Island of Santo. After two years, agreement has finally been reached to establish a clinic with a local doctor, nurse, dental hygienist and visiting chiropractors to offer basic health care to the local residents.

Our Chiropractor’s Involvement

Dr Daniel Tilley (Chiropractor) has been going to Vanuatu since 2009. He noted the lack of the most basic health care such as shortage of antibiotics that are too expensive for the locals; a poorly equipped hospital that usually does not have a doctor in attendance or an X-ray machine that works.

Most of the Santo Island local community are involved in manual work that results in chronic back pain that is greatly assisted by drug-free and painless Chiropractic care.

Dr Dan has been informally co-operating with Santo Healthcare Community Clinic since 2015 and goes to Vanuatu 3-4 times a year to provide his chiropractic services. Our chiropractor also has taken university students there at the end of their qualifying year to treat the locals . Chiropractors who visit not only adjust in the clinic but also go out to the local villages to explain about chiropractic and provide care to those wishing to receive it.


The global Col-vid pandemic closed Vanuatu to foreign visitors for much longer than other countries, preventing Dr Tilley from providing his services there. However, through contact with a Nepalese Forest Lake resident, he learned about the same issues with lack of healthcare for those living in remote communities in Nepal.

In October 2022, with the help of his friend, Dr Tilley travelled to Nepal and hiked to remote villages for two weeks to provide greatly needed Chiropractic services in areas where doctors and medical care may be days of mountain hiking away. Dr Tilley loved the challenge of hiking the terrain in Nepal and felt privileged to experience this wonderful country with amazing people, and provide greatly needed treatment to many local communities.

Doctor in Nepal
Doctor Visiting Nepal

Encouraging Other Healthcare Practitioners to Get Involved

Dr Daniel (Chiropractor) hopes to encourage more doctors, dentists and nurses to make short voluntary visits to help as many people as possible get the healthcare they need in both Vanuatu and Nepal after understanding the current conditions experienced by the locals. There is a desperate need to improve health care in the future.

Contact Us Today

If you have more questions about our charity work, contact our Forest Lake practice today!  If you feel you can support Dr Dan and the clinic at Santo, Dr Dan would be pleased to speak with you.

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