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Dr Daniel Tilley (Chiropractor)

Dr Daniel Tilley

Dr Daniel Tilley

My Chiropractic Experience

My experience with chiropractic began with successful chiropractic care for neck pain as a five year old. My dad is an engineer, and my mum trained as a radiographer, and, growing up, I spent time in an engineering office for work experience. Could this be why I ended up as a chiropractor? In fact, I have long seen what seems to be marvelous outcomes from chiropractic care that has changed lives for the better.

As I matured as a teenager (!), I developed such an interest in human health and well-being that I qualified as a personal trainer, but wanting a more clinical future, I began to consider chiropractic as a career.

As a prelude, I began a degree in Health Science at Griffith University and was awarded academic achievement. Then came my five years of hard work completing bachelor and then Masters degrees. (Bachelor of Health Science, then a Master of Clinical Chiropractic) to become a fully-fledged Chiropractic Clinician.

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My Chiropractic Education and More

As part of clinical training, I was able to spend time with a nationally recognized clinical practice, Dr Keith Charlton, where I learned a great deal about how practice is a combination of caring, listening and clinical skills. Since then, I have worked in many practices in Queensland and interstate and began a sessional charity practice in Vanuatu, where I visit intermittently to care for locals without access to chiropractic care otherwise. All of the latter has been whilst practicing fulltime in my own practice at the Gold Coast.

Currently, I am working reduced hours in a chronic pain clinic at the Gold Coast and now work with Dr Charlton three days a week at Forest Lake. The clinic emphasis is on general chiropractic care, but with concentration on chronic, difficult or longstanding pain cases. I bring to the practice a special interest in child and adolescent chiropractic, and sports injury prevention and care.

It’s important to live our lives with mobile, strong and pain free bodies. I strive to uphold the quality Chiropractic care at Forest Lake Chiropractic has been providing for over 15 years.

So Let’s work together to find potential solutions for your health concerns. Call or email our office to get started today! (07) 3372 9944 “Dr Daniel Tilley (Chiropractor)