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Dr Daniel Tilley (Chiropractor)

My Chiropractic Experience

Chiropractor Dr Dan TilleyMy experience with chiropractic began with successful chiropractic care for neck pain as a five year old. My family visited the chiropractor regularly throughout my childhood and I greatly admired the caring, genuine interaction with my chiropractor and the difference that his care made to my well-being, especially during teenage years when I participated heavily in physical and boxing training. I still marvel at the wonderful outcomes from chiropractic care that changes lives.

The Joys of Chiropractic

Being a Chiropractor satisfies my passion to be involved with people and help them on a daily basis. My path to this included a Personal Training qualification followed by a year of Health Science at Griffith University as pre-requisite to five years of study in Melbourne to achieve a Batchelor of Health Science and a Master of Chiropractic. I am committed to continually learning and upgrading my skills and knowledge.

My best day is when I can listen to someone’s story and know that I can help them and make a real difference to their life. I hope that I can have a long term positive influence on the lives of adults and families with children growing up, as was my childhood experience.

Dr Daniel Tilley (Chiropractor)

My Chiropractic Education and More

As a clinical trainee and young chiropractor, I worked in many locations under highly qualified chiropractors,  where I learned most importantly that practice is a combination of caring, listening and clinical skills. Since being qualified, I have been fortunate to have valuable experience working in many practices in Queensland and interstate including my own prominent practice on the Gold Coast.

I am committed to practising permanently at Forest Lake Chiropractic to continue general chiropractic care together with a concentration on chronic, difficult or long standing pain cases. I bring to the practice a special interest in child and adolescent chiropractic, and sports injury prevention and care.It is important to live our lives with mobile, strong and pain free bodies.

Getting Started Today

It’s important to live our lives with mobile, strong and pain free bodies. I strive to uphold the quality Chiropractic care at Forest Lake Chiropractic has been providing for over 15 years;let’s work together to find potential solutions for your health concerns. Call or email our office to get started today! (07) 3372 9944

Statement regarding Dr. Keith Charlton

“We note with great sadness that Dr Keith Charlton has chosen to make a number of statements on social media and elsewhere about events that occurred earlier this year that have led to a current legal action.

While we could describe an alternative and different version of events here, under the strict rules which govern the Chiropractic professionals in Australia, we are not permitted to engage in conduct on social media that is anything other than respectful towards patients, colleagues and employers.

We are likewise not permitted to engage in any form of conduct that could undermine the confidentiality and privacy obligations that we have towards our patients.

It is with regret, that we note Dr Charlton has decided to involve patients in this matter by making statements about a private legal dispute on his social media accounts and elsewhere.

At Forest Lake Chiropractic our patients are absolutely everything to us, and we would never even consider involving them in a legal action or in any private matter. Dr Daniel Tilley has been providing high quality professional Chiropractic care for the community and will continue to follow his passion to help patients achieve their best health. We urge Dr Charlton to remember that patients must always come first.

The matter is currently before the Court and we will not comment further on this matter until such a time as the action has concluded.”

Dr Dan Tilley (Chiropractor) | (07) 3372 9944