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Logan Basic

We use this popular adjusting technique because of the results it produces and the delighted patient response we see. This is largely due to its focus on the “foundation” of the spine and our non-force delivery style.

The Foundation of Your Spine

Cracked brick foundation

“The sacrum is the “foundation” of your spine, so we start there.

Like your house, if you notice hairline cracks in your walls or ceiling, or doors and windows that don’t open properly, a settling foundation could be the culprit. Same with your spine.

Situated at the base of your spine, the 24 moving segments of your spinal column are supported by a triangular-shaped bone called the sacrum. The sacrum rests between the two bones that form your right- and left-hip. Naturally, problems down here can cause compensatory problems higher up in the spine.

Low Force Contact

After a thorough examination, I’ll have a clear visualization of how your sacrum is malpositioned.

Then, as you lie face down, I’ll use my thumb to apply a light pressure to the muscles that attach to the sacrum. I’ll hold the contact for long enough for the relevant muscles to relax: often only a few minutes.

Patient Satisfaction

Understandably, many are surprised that we focus our attention on the base of their spine when their symptoms may be in their upper back or even neck! But they love our low force approach and the excellent results we produce.

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