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Photo of our CBP treatment roomClinical Biomechanics of Posture® helps produce optimal posture and spinal alignment. As your spine assumes a more competent relationship with gravity, symptoms diminish and health can return.

This diagnostic and treatment protocol has more formal published research behind it than any other approach in chiropractic or manual therapy. Dr Keith (Chiropractor) was its pioneer in Queensland and Forest Lake Chiropractic is still the only clinic in Brisbane offering this remarkable facility.

Dr Daniel (Chiropractor) has completed extensive formal training in CBP techniques and has been further mentored by Dr Keith who has shared his additional comprehensive knowledge of its practical application.

The Ideal Spine

Traction and chiropractic adjustments

Traction, along with specific chiropractic adjustments, help restore spinal curves and proper alignment.

We’ll take x-rays of your spine. We compare these images with published standards. We’ll point out any deviations we see. Naturally, these findings will direct our specific care recommendations.

We use these in an engineering measurement approach to analyze spine shape distortions, which have been shown in recent research to predict future pain risk, and future risk of arthritis and disc lesions, amongst other problems.

Clever chiropractic researchers have devised very low technology traction machines which we use to re-shape spines painlessly, all non-surgically. The rapid responses (rapid in orthopaedic time frames) and overall results in well-selected cases are truly astonishing. We call this Corrective Care.

Corrective Care Protocol

After symptomatic relief, patients are offered the option to pursue Corrective Care. This is where dramatic, longer-lasting spinal changes are made. This is done through a specific protocol of adjustments, traction and exercise.

  • Adjustments help restore segmental integrity to the spine, decrease abnormal weight distribution and avoid spinal degeneration.
  • Traction delivers a constant force to help retrain and remodel the spine to counter the effects of long-standing postural distortions.
  • Exercises, designed for each patient’s particular spinal abnormality, are used to strengthen weaker areas of the spine.

Documented Spinal Changes

With high levels of patient involvement and objective standards used to measure success, expect to see dramatic spinal changes.

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